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Regarding the license

Table of contents
・Product details
・Acceptable use policy
・Example of usage range

The details of the product are as follows.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
Background material
Sales format: jpg format
Compression: zip format
Sales format: Download sales
It is a material approved by the publisher.

Copyright notice
(C) Minikle

* Copyright notation is required for moving backgrounds / Notation is optional otherwise
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

Product inquiries and support

* Please note that the reply may be delayed.


The PSD version is on sale at the Minikle main store.

You can also purchase the jpg summary version of DLsite Minikle store.


When downloaded, we consider that you have agreed to the following terms.
Please read the terms and conditions before using.

<Usage policy>

The rights to the materials are owned by QUUN PLANT Co., Ltd. and have not been abandoned.
Therefore, if any of the following "prohibited matters" is performed, we can order the prohibition of use of this product.

"Prohibited matter"
1. Regardless of personal or commercial, it is prohibited to copy, sell, or distribute this product as a material itself for any reason.
This does not include using, distributing, or selling as part of materials such as games, WEB, and illustrations.

2. In game production services (Tkool series, etc.), providing the background material itself to a third party is a secondary distribution, so only manufacturers approved by our company are allowed to use it. See item 4 of <Regarding license> below for permissions.
3.We prohibit the act of distributing and selling materials that have been learned by having AI read the materials of "Minikle".

4. If you are uncertain whether an act other than the above prohibited items falls under the prohibited items, please contact us.

1. We do not guarantee any problems that occur with this product.

2. We cannot accept returns requests regarding the quality, resolution, format, etc. of this product.

3. We are not responsible for any troubles or accidents that occur while using this product.

<Regarding license>
1. The ownership, copyright, and distribution rights of the purchased data belong to QUUN PLANT Co., Ltd. and the manufacturer who provided it. Only the right to use the data is granted to the authorized purchaser of the data (hereinafter referred to as the user).
Users can process and edit data with application software made by other companies.

2. The user can use the data only for the purpose of producing sound or video by the individual user. In this case, it does not matter whether the work is sold or not. In addition, regardless of whether it is processed or edited
It is prohibited to use it for the purpose of producing works of the same type as the data provided by QUUN PLANT Co., Ltd (license-free background library, etc.).

3. Users are prohibited from transferring, exchanging, selling, distributing, renting, copying, publishing or using online part or all of the data to a third party. This shall apply to the data for sample as well.

4. Please contact us for secondary distribution in the system that provides game tools. We accept consultations on free licenses for a fee.

Estimated: About 10,000 yen per material

<Example of usage range>
* This is a part of the example, and the usage conditions of NG and OK are not limited to the following examples.
* The following scope of use applies to all materials provided by Minicle.


NG example
・ It is NG if the purpose is to use the material of the “minikle” in the main state.
・ If the purpose is to distribute or sell works such as “minikle”&Or similar works, it will be NG. (* Possible if you have a license agreement)
× Without signing a license agreement with us (tkool store, steam store, clip studio, etc.) The act of distributing and selling materials on material sites.(Secondary distribution / resale)
※Please refrain from using our materials for the production of materials for distribution and sale.
× ※Distribution / sales purpose. The act of using materials for the purpose of producing works of the same type as the materials provided by Minicle.
× Please do not post to SNS or online as it is. (Same as secondary distribution)
× It is NG to use our material as the main material for products, commercialization, and design templates. The distribution and sale of them is also NG.

OK example
・For private use in limited situations such as individuals, homes, friends, etc., it may be possible even in the case of NG.
・You can distribute and sell the material for personal or commercial purposes by using it as part of your work, not as it is.
(* Used as a background for manga, illustrations, videos, games, distribution screens, etc.)
(* If it is distributed in a state where it can be extracted by a third party, please encrypt it.)
〇 Used for title text and the cover of trimmed and processed books.
〇 Material processing and retouching according to the work. Monochrome for manga, monochrome tress for manga is also OK.
〇 For SNS icons, headers, and image posts, you can place and process illustrations and text, and use it when the material is not the main material.
〇 As a general rule, if you use our materials as part of your work, you can distribute and sell your work.* When distributing game works, please encrypt them so that they cannot be obtained by third parties.
〇 Regardless of R18G You can use it.

Additions regarding parts division materials
× The state where the material is the main part of the work is NG. Please refrain from works with only background and materials.
× If more than 80% of the work uses our materials and that is the main condition of the work, please refrain from expressing it as your own original. If possible, write the copyright. Notation guide:(C)みにくる/Minikle
× Same as above, but please refrain from distributing or selling as it is.
Please refrain from processing or using for the purpose of creating the same type of material. (Secondary distribution / resale)

<Frequently Asked Questions>

Q, Is it possible to use it for games and comics?

A, You can use it for both personal/fan fiction and commercial works. It can also be used for video posting sites.

Q, 18 Is it okay to use it for prohibited works?

A, There is no problem. Please use it.

Q, What is the pattern of prohibition?

A, It is prohibited to distribute and sell the material itself as a material under any circumstances.

If you have a license agreement, you can use it for Tkool game service etc.

If you wish, please contact the support email.

Q, How far can I use my work?

A, Basically, please submit only one work.

There is no problem in using works by the same author, circle, or individual under the same name.

Q, Is it possible to modify the material?

A, it is possible. Please use anything for retouching and color change.

Q, Is it okay to use the background material when drawing a gacha illustration?

A, There is no problem.

Q, Is there a problem with using it in card games?

A, It is basically prohibited to use it for card games only in the background.
Please use it by putting illustrations and characters in the background material.

Q, Is copyright notice necessary?

A, It is not essential, but it is used by many people, so I think it is less likely that misunderstandings will occur if it is written.
In addition, the Minikle management staff is pleased. Thank you very much.
Please describe the copyright in the following notation.

"(C) Minikle"

Q, Is it necessary to list the staff on the end roll?

Although it is not essential, it is used by many people, so I think it is less likely that misunderstandings will occur if it is written.
In addition, the Minikle management staff is pleased. Thank you very much.
Please refer to the notation below when describing staff.

"Background material shop Minikle"


If you have any questions, questions, or requests regarding the license, please contact us.

Sales Manager : Haruko Nakao

Ikenohata hirohaitsu 2F
2-12-18 Ueno,
Taito-ku, Tokyo-to 110-0005

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